“The steel industry seen by suppliers”: Michele Bendotti’s point of view, interviewed by siderweb

Increase in raw material prices, demand, and investment trends: the last webinar organized by siderweb – The Italian steel community on Tuesday 29 June focused on an in-depth analysis of the suppliers’ points of view on the current situation of the Italian and international steel industry. The online event, entitled “The steel industry seen by suppliers” after the presentation of the economic situation by the siderweb Research Office, gave space to five face-to-face interviews with five operators of the sector who provide services and technology to the steel industry. Among the speakers also Michele Bendotti, sole director of Forni Industriali Bendotti.

“After the difficult consequences we suffered from the pandemic and the subsequent suspension of commissions and new investments from customers for almost 18 months, orders have finally started up again. The sentiment is positive. At the Italian and international level, it seems to me that the current recovery is even more vigorous than the stop. The current situation of the upstream supply chain in the steel industry is confident.

For what does concern our company, after the important contract signed with Duferco Travi e Profilati for the walking beam furnace that will feed the new section beam mill at the San Zeno plant (Brescia, Italy), we signed several new orders in other geographical areas, such as the United States, the Middle East, and Bangladesh in particular. These are clear signs that the recovery is underway, that companies are investing in new plants and that demand is growing. Thanks to PNRR and the Green Deal, new opportunities for investment in innovation and new technologies will be created, also aimed at improving the energy efficiency of production plants.

In terms of innovation and energy efficienty, Forni Industriali Bendotti has always been at the forefront. In the last years, we designed internally a new control system of the furnace (Automation Level 2), that allows complete and constant monitoring of the process. Monitoring temperature and ratio control, the software optimizes consumption and guarantees continuity, not only in the production process but also in quality and performance. A plus that is particularly appreciated by customers”. – Michele Bendotti, sole director of Forni Industriali Bendotti.

Maurizio Campagnoni

Author: bendotti