Peter Bottazzi for Bendotti.

Made in Steel 2019 will be a good opportunity to present the new communication campaign “Vale la differenza. – Worth the difference”, conceived by Gigi Barcella and accompanied by the evocative still life of the photographer Giuseppe Cella. To convey the new concept in the best possible way also through the stand, the artistic direction and the creation of the exhibition layout was entrusted to Peter Bottazzi.

A renowned scenographer and designer, curator of international exhibitions and special exhibition arrangements, Bottazzi has been able to play with light and space to give three-dimensionality and “make even more explicit and strong the advertising campaign created for Made in Steel. A campaign that talks about the uniqueness and values of the company, eight to be precise, just like the eight letters that make up the name Bendotti. – explains Peter Bottazzi. “Hence the idea of creating an octagon made up of a letter for each side. Every letter takes on size and body, enriched with additional values and functions and becomes three-dimensional by expanding on the third Cartesian axis, leaving the two-dimensional printed paper, using the impalpability of the shadow as a vector. A shadow that each letter produces by materializing functional furnishing and office elements; each letter is now really inhabited here” – adds Bottazzi. “The Bendotti writing, which filters and marks the stand from the rest of the pavilion, becomes a sort of open carousel with a strong visual impact, a particular and unique meeting space. Where everything is conceived and designed ad hoc”.

Maurizio Campagnoni

Author: bendotti