About the brave and his steed


Piazza Tredici Martiri

Lovere (Bergamo, Italy)
2 June / 3 July 2016


50 years after the world’s first laurel, a tribute to Giacomo Agostini, the multi-champion of motorcycling from Lovere’s country.

As part of the celebrations for the centenary of Forni Industriali Bendotti, the main square of Lovere is enriched with an urban installation created by the architect Mauro Piantelli.


The historical motorbike with which Agostini won many trophies represents the steed and at the same time the value of the many achievements. Inserted in a glass showcase with distorted geometries, it is an installation that dialogues with the entire space in which it is immersed. The irregular inclination of the glass allows a different view that changes according to the daylight and gives a different perspective depending on the distance of the observer. 

Author: bendotti