Forni Industriali Bendotti: us, after a hundred years.

Approaching the centenary, we published the book “us, after a hundred years.”, realized in collaboration with Gigi Barcella, copywriter, and Roberto Abbiati, art director of the project.

The publication, thanks to the photographs of Giovanni Alfieri, Vincent Bousserez, Fabio Cattabiani, Manuel Montini, recalls the history of Forni Industriali Bendotti through the passage of the four generations that with passion and devotion have been able to direct the company and have made it a worldwide leader in its sector.

Tradition but also innovation and commitment in looking for forefront solutions, taking inspiration from wide visions and values expressed by artists such as Giordano Redaelli, Franca Ghitti, Graziano Gregori, Mauro Staccioli, P. Lion, Maurizio Galimberti, Vincent Bousserez, with whom Forni Industriali Bendotti has undertaken various collaborations, collected in the book.

“us, a hundred years later” can be viewed online. Click here.

Maurizio Campagnoni

Author: bendotti