Art and industry in the documentary in memory of Franca Ghitti

A few years after her death, we are pleased to announce the release of “Franca come nessuno.”, the film dedicated to Franca Ghitti, the artist from Camonica Valley famous throughout the world for her continuous search for new languages to express the deep bond between man, nature and craftsmanship.

Forni Industriali Bendotti has always had a particular sensitivity towards art in its most diverse forms of expression, especially when they are linked to the cultural and social aspects of the territory. For this reason, the company has committed to supporting the production of the documentary directed by Davide Bassanesi, in collaboration with the Fondazione Archivio Franca Ghitti and with the institutional support of Comunità Montana and the UNESCO Site of Valle Camonica, the Municipality of Darfo Boario Terme, the Rotary Club Lovere Iseo Breno.

“We are happy – explains Michele Bendotti, CEO of Forni Industriali Bendotti – to support the long and important artistic work of Franca Ghitti, with whom we have worked professionally and to whom we were linked by deep affection. It was a meeting that left an indelible mark. Perpetuating it by Davide Bassanesi’s film is a way for us to strengthen a long-standing friendship and enhance a creative path of extraordinary cultural value that crossed three continents around the world.

Through the memories and testimonies of those who knew her, the film is a telling that gives us the stages of the artist’s career, who took her from the Camonica Valley to the most diverse and distant places, from Milan to Nairobi, from the United States to Paris.

The film will premiere at the Multisala Garden cinema in Darfo Boario Terme, in Camonica Valley (Brescia) on Wednesday 30 October, as part of the d’ADA – Art Design e Architecture festival, as a tribute to the artist’s homeland and community, which has always shown a deep and authentic bond with Franca Ghitti.

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In the cover image, a picture of Franca Ghitti by the photographer Fabio Cattabiani.

Maurizio Campagnoni

Author: bendotti