A new hospital trolley for the Contessi Sangalli nursing home

Like the ocean is made up of tiny drops of water, a territory lives thanks to the help and collaboration of its whole community. Therefore, Forni Industriali Bendotti has always sought to contribute to the social and cultural wellbeing of the community of which it is part, not only through projects that over the years have involved local institutions, associations, and international artists. But also through concrete deeds and donations.

The Bergamo territory was one of the hardest hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, although the health emergency seems to have reduced, the economic one continues. Forni Industriali Bendotti wanted to show its closeness to the community by financing the purchase of a new hospital trolley, equipped for the distribution of therapies, for medication and to house the computer equipment, donated to the Contessi Sangalli Foundation nursing home in Costa Volpino.

Maurizio Campagnoni

Author: bendotti